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Ωmeganeed Liquid Fish Oils 250ml

Excellent liquid Fish Oils quality

in two pleasant flavors forest fruits & lemon

Essential Fatty Acids Ω3 have great benefits for our organism and play an important role in multiple functions of our body.
Cod liver oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, traditionally used to shield and stimulate our general health. When combined with other ingredients, such as vitamin D3 and vitamin E, it has even more beneficial effects on our body.

Ωmeganeed Liquid Fish Oils 250ml is a specific combination of cod liver oil with vitamin D3 and natural vitamin E that:

  • is beneficial in maintaining cardiovascular health
  • helps reduce triglyceride levels and increase good cholesterol (HDL)
  • enhances the immune system
  • helps maintain the health of the bones and teeth
  • enhances the normal function of the brain and vision
  • has antioxidant action

In addition, the purity of the raw material, that is the source of the Mourauna fish, from which the cod liver oil is produced, is very important.

Ωmeganeed Fish Oil comes from Iceland's cold and unpolluted waters, is free of heavy metals and does not contain preservatives and ingredients from genetically modified micro-organisms.

Ωmeganeed Liquid Fish Oils 250ml is a high quality product, designed according to international standards, which:

  • is in liquid form for ease of swallowing
  • is suitable for the whole family
  • is easily digestive without leaving a fish aftertaste
  • has a certificate of suitability of the bottle for packaging of fish oil
  • is available in two wonderful flavors, forest fruits & lemon

Nutritional information

Serving Size: 1 tea spoonfull

Amount per Serving


Servings per Container



Fish Oils (incl. Cod Liver Oil)
of which Omega 3 fatty acids



EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)



DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)



Vitamin E



Vitamin A



Vitamin D



*NRV: Nutrient Reference Value



Food Supplements should not be used instead of a varied balanced diet.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before taking this product.

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