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ISOPLUS demonstrates over 30 years of experience and excellence in the representation, distribution and promotion of natural nutritional supplements in Greece, possessing a leading position in the Greek market through an extensive sales network.


Nowadays, ISOPLUS continues to expand in the Greek market, representing 4 world-leading brands and developing its own premium label brand of nutritional supplements, distributing its products to more than 8.000 pharmacies and health food stores all over Greece, employing over 80 specialised professional and developing its export activities.


What do we stand for?

ISOPLUS promotes a natural lifestyle, with the broader sense of well-being, which is expressed through the dedication to healthy nutrition, mental development and physical exercise.

The core philosophy of ISOPLUS is our mission to raise a daily nutritional awareness to the consumers and to provide education of the higher standards for our clients/partners, in order to promote a higher quality of life for everyone.


Our Vision: Innovation in our sector

Our vision is the promotion of health and well-being, through the continuous provision of pioneering, innovative and reliable products and services to the Greek market, through constant information and scientific support.


Our Mission: To meet your unique needs

Our mission is to provide the Greek consumers with products of the highest quality standards so to meet their unique needs. In order to achieve our mission we collaborate with the world's best companies at technical knowledge, experience, scientific research and variety of products.


Our Philosophy: We recommend only natural products

For a better quality of life, more energy and a pleasant mood, to protect and support the human body against modern challenges, we pay attention to your needs and recommend only natural and innovative nutritional supplements and cosmetic products of the highest quality, contributing to the preservation and promotion of good health.


Our goals: Continuous growth, progress, improvement

Our aim is the continuous progress, further development and continuous improvement of our products and services, in order to meet the needs of our consumers and partners.

  • The provision of the Greek market with new, innovative and natural products
  • The conduct of seminars to provide accurate and valid information and further updated education to our partners and consumers about our products
  • The increase of our presence in the points of sales
  • The strengthening of our relations with our partners and the scientific community
  • The increase of our brands’ awareness to the consumers
  • The promotion of the balanced nutrition and the value of physical activity


The comparative advantage of ISOPLUS

ISOPLUS S.A. is a pioneer in the Greek market of nutritional supplements. Despite the difficulties in the market from time to time, ISOPLUS sees opportunities, believes in the scientific approach and the innovation of its products and intensifies its investments in the following four key areas:

  1. The customer-oriented approach for the organization of the sales department, using as key tool CRM software and the investment in technological equipment, training and human resources. The flexibility and the establishment of good relationships with our partners is one of the primary goals of our company.
  2. The education of our partners (pharmacists, physicians, doctors and nutritionists) but also of our consumers. This education is provided by organizing informative sessions, seminars and workshops, conducting e-learning seminars, conducting visits to clinics and hospitals from the executives of ISOPLUS’ scientific department, through direct telephone support, and through participation in scientific conferences.Furthermore, the employees of ISOPLUS are informed about the updates and developments of our sector, through attending in-house seminars, but also with their participation in international conferences and exhibitions.
  3. The promotion, advertising and communication of our products through multiple marketing channels as the arthrography in scientific and life-style magazines, the provision of informative promotional material in pharmacies and health food stores, the Internet through information uploaded in multiple web sites and social media and the advertising of Solgar products through television commercials.
  4. The focus to launch innovative beneficial natural products, which are firstly introduced in the Greek market by ISOPLUS and create healthy trends, leading in the positioning of ISOPLUS as the pioneer of its market, but also as the market leader.
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Behind all of our products lies the desire for the research and development of innovative natural products, the scientific expertise, the faith in a higher quality of life and the culture that sees health not only as a way of preventing diseases, but also as well-being. Based on these principles, we have built our educational and informational work for over 28 years, gaining more and more loyal customers across Greece.

Based on these principles ISOPLUS has chosen to represent and distribute in the Greek market, natural products of the highest quality and standards, from the world-leading firms with long lasting leadership in their sectors and excellence in the fields of scientific research and technological know-how. The companies that ISOPLUS has chosen to represent in the Greek market are the following: “Solgar”, “Nature’s Bounty”, “” and “Optima Health and Nutrition”. Furthermore, from 2011, based on its 29 years of experience in the sector of nutritional supplements, ISOPLUS created and launched the brand “myelements”, its own brand of natural nutritional supplements.

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31 years of excellence and progress.

ISO-PLUS S.A. was founded in 1986 in order to provide Greek consumers with both nutritional supplements of great nutritional value and the best possible service and support.

In 1992 ISOPLUS began its partnership with the US-based multinational corporation, SOLGAR, the leading nutritional supplements manufacturer worldwide, making ISOPLUS the official representative and distributor of Solgar products in Greece. The partnership with Solgar still remains the core business of ISOPLUS.

Also, in 1992 ISOPLUS expanded its activities in northern Greece by establishing partnerships with local representatives that led to the creation of northern Greece Branch Offices of ISOPLUS’ in 2010.

In 1995, innovating once again, the company begins the operation of its scientific department. The goal of the department is provide excellent consumer support along with up-to-date information to the scientific community of Greece.

In 1999, ISOPLUS undertakes the representation and distribution of the British natural healthcare company Optima Health & Nutrition, one of the leading companies of natural cosmetics and health products in the UK, providing an even wider range of health and wellness products to the consumers.

In September 2011 following its vision to be the leader in providing natural nutritional supplements in the EMEA region, ISOPLUS launches myelements, its’ own premium label brand of nutritional supplements.

In November 2011 ISOPLUS expands its activities in the field of natural cosmetics by introducing in the Greek market the brand, a world-leading range of natural and organic personal care products.

Also as of the beginning of 2012, IS-PLUS expands its’ operations internationally, undertaking the representation of Solgar in Bulgaria and Romania, establishing subsidiaries in both countries and planting the seeds for further expansion in the Balkans.

Nowadays, the product portfolio of ISOPLUS consists of over 800 products, covering all consumers’ product needs. ISOPLUS’ team is comprised of experienced, specialised and focused professionals all committed to realising the goals and values of our company, delivering exceptional quality of services and products to our customers.

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Εταιρική κοινωνική ευθύνη

In ISOPLUS we believe that the growth of our activities takes place only with the simultaneously personal development of our employees, but also with the development of the community in which we operate. ISOPLUS ensures the fulfillment of the expectations of all its stakeholders (consumers, partners, employees, community) in a beneficial way for the society and the corporation.

For this reason, ISOPLUS has placed Corporate Social Responsibility as an essential element of its strategic planning by investing in corporate governance, social contribution activities and environmental issues.

More precisely ISOPLUS has made donations to the Greek Children's Museum and the European Youth Parliament, and actively contributes to the environmental protection by participating in recycling programs, by using only biodegradable bags and by transforming its own fleet of vehicles to use liquefied petroleum gas.

At the same time ISOPLUS invests in human resources and inspires its employees by providing fair wages, professional development opportunities, meritocratic working environment, and continuous development of skills and knowledge of employees through enterprise-based training programs.

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