Discover the Secrets of the Dead Sea

by Vivetta Lainioti

If you too would like to know the secret behind Cleopatra’s glowing skin, all you need to do is find out about the magical world of the Dead Sea. It is often called “a wonder of the world” and it is famous for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Besides Cleopatra, Aristotle, the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon were regular visitors. Are you ready to dive into its secrets?

Three million years ago, a “miracle” occurred: a minor geological disturbance, a rift, formed in the valley of the river Jordan. Seawater flowed in that rift, creating a large lake. It has been called by many names throughout the centuries: Biblical references speak of the Sea of Salt; it has also been called “the Sea of the Arabah”, “the Sea of Sodom”, “Bahr Lut” (the Sea of Lot) and “Lake Asphaltites”. It was named “Dead” when some modern-time visitors noted the absence of life in the area. Actually, the Sea has no submarine life due to its high mineral and salt content, but there is life in and around it. Furthermore, it is considered to be the world’s first skin care centre, since it is the largest and most effective spa on the planet! An incomparable source, rich in unique mineral elements in the middle of the African Rift, fed by the waters of Jordan on the North and by natural springs and streams on the East and West.

► The story of Cleopatra

Ever since antiquity, the Dead Sea was the most famous beauty, health and relaxation centre. Even Cleopatra, famous for her incredibly youthful appearance up to her mature years, was charmed by the mystical therapeutic power of the Dead Sea. The real reason for her glowing skin was the anti-ageing effect of the Sea’s salts. In recent excavations in the Ein Gedi area, by the Dead Sea, the first “cosmetics factory” –which belonged to her– was discovered. Cleopatra herself spared no expense in order to obtain exclusive rights for the region of the Dead Sea. On her orders, “cosmetics factories” and pharmaceutical factories were built on all shores of the Dead Sea. Ruins of these factories still exist in Ein Gedi and in Ein Bokek, proof of the eternal cosmetic blessing of the Dead Sea salts. The organic mineral elements found in it make the skin appear tight, soft and healthier and provide complete skin repair, curing skin disorders. They contribute to a healthy cellular regeneration, to the elasticity and permeability of the skin, and can therefore be very effective in treating wrinkles and other problems caused by the ageing process. Thanks to their high sulphur content, they are good for cleaning and removing skin impurities. The organic mineral elements which are found here in unique concentrations are used successfully in Cosmetology.

Besides Cleopatra, Aristotle, the Queen of Sheba and Solomon, who were regular visitors, doctors today also prescribe bathing in the Dead Sea waters for patients with skin conditions.


►Surrender yourself to the mud’s beneficial touch

The waters of the Dead Sea, which has 6 times the salinity of any other body of water, contain high concentrations of sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium bromide, sulphur, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. They also contain potash, gypsum and bromide minerals. This environment does not permit fish or plants to survive in the Dead Sea, except for a few microbes. The distinctive Dead Sea mud acts therapeutically in many skin diseases, like psoriasis, arthritis, headaches and eczema. Its water nourishes and softens the skin.

Thousands of people visit the Dead Sea each year for skin disease treatment.

The ingredients of the Dead Sea work as a natural wonder and are therefore considered by many health and skin care professionals to be the best natural therapeutic resources.

Of the 21 beneficial ingredients of the Sea, 12 are unique to the Dead Sea and are very effective in treating skin wrinkles and other changes caused by the ageing process. Dead Sea products include mud masks and bath salts, which show positive results in the treatment of psoriasis.

Furthermore, its mud is very useful in providing relief from arthritis. Applying warm mud to the affected joints relieves pain and stiffness. This is because, as the mud is heated, its ingredients can penetrate the human body more easily and are better absorbed, becoming more effective in treating the problem.