Secrets for Shiny and Beautiful Hair

Every woman wants beautiful and shiny hair – that’s why hair is considered to be a “Jewellery” in every woman’s appearance. During this period of time though, most women complain about their dull, lifeless and dry hair. The hairdresser, Konstantinos Malss, gives us useful advice, so that our hair can become vivid and shiny again.

Hair is being “attacked” daily by environmental conditions (pollution, sun, water quality), as well as by the countless chemicals contained in hair care products (shampoo, hairspray, paint etc.) that we use every day. Things get worse after the summer, as the salt, the sea and the sun dehydrate your hair! Do not panic though – in the following lines, we will help you recognize the mistakes that undermine the health and shiny look of your hair, suggesting solutions that will give your hair the ... “kiss of life”!


Mistakes we often make…

- We don’t take care of our hair as we take care of our skin for example: “It isn’t right to leave our house in the morning, and our morning routine not to include caring for our hair”, says Mr. Malss.

- Daily washing of hair: When shampooing our hair, we should only wash the roots. Daily shampooing of the lower part of your hair, could damage it. Another mistake that we often make, as Mr. Malss says, is that we don’t rinse the roots well.

- Styling: Heat may give a smooth and cared for look, but if the process of styling is done without the use of suitable hair protection products, the health of our hair is undermined.

- Hair coloring: Especially when it comes with intense color changes, hair coloring could damage our hair.

- Stress: It is the insidious enemy of hair. When we are constantly stressed, our body produces more testosterone, the male hormone which has a negative effect on hair follicles.

- Pollution & smoking: If you smoke and you live in a city with exhaust gas, your hair is more likely to weaken and become more fragile.

- Detangling: Using the wrong brush for detangling after shampooing, may harm the hair.


… and the solutions

> Do not wash your hair with too warm or too cold water: “The tension disrupts the balance of the hair. This is why it is important to wash our hair with water at the temperature of the head until it cleans up well, making the final hair rinse with cold water”, the expert says.

Trust your hairdresser: “Say I LOVE MY HAIR, and we will love them too! The hairdresser can make suggestions for hair and diet products that cover every need and can help you obtain the hair you wish!” says Mr. Malss.

> Protect your hair from the sun.

> Use special hair repair products: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum by is a luxurious and light hair treatment produced with the finest Moroccan Argan Oil, that leaves hair silky soft, smooth, shiny and nourished. It nourishes, protects, detangles and reduces the frizz of the hair, and it offers great shine. The base of the product is organic Moroccan Argan Oil, which is an incredibly rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The natural properties of this exceptional oil are combined with a number of organic essential oils and fruit extracts to create a fragrant, rich and absorbent hair treatment serum.

> Haircut maintenance. "Hair is cut not to shorten, but to get a style! In the case of hair that grows out long, for example, we will not cut its length, but we will cut it perimetrically, in order to maintain its volume, the movement and the texture. The geometric haircuts need more frequent maintenance (every 40 days), whereas the free haircuts need it less often (every 2-2.5 months)”, said the expert.

> Do not forget the mask: There are many intensive moisturizing hair products that take care of your hair and effectively protect it against frizz, giving them a breath... of life! One of these, Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Restorative Treatment Conditioner by provides deep hair repair. Having as a main component the organic Argan Oil, this super rich concentrated conditioning balm, instantly envelopes the hair’s keratin fibers with nourishing phospholipids and essential fatty acids. This way, it nourishes and restores damaged hair, increasing its strength from the inside, protecting it against breakage and sealing within the vital moisture.

> Do not overload your hair: Avoid for some time to use scissors and hair dryer, leave your hair natural.

- Don’t overload your hair: Avoid using the hair dryer or hair straightener for a period of time and leave your hair natural!

> Pay attention to your diet: "Current diet is not sufficient in nutrients! Hasty meals, deprive us the valuable nutrients", says Mr. Malss.

The health of the hair has a strong relation with what we choose to eat. No wonder why hair loses its vitality and shine if someone is following a depriving diet. Try putting in your diet more fatty acids eating food such as olive oil, avocados and salmon. The skin of your scalp will get moisturized in the most natural way. If you do not eat properly and your diet is not balanced, make sure you cover the "gaps", using the proper food supplements.

After Summer… rescue plan!

According to Mr. Konstantinos Malss, “During the summer months we damage our hair by exposing it to UV radiation and sea salt and by washing it daily". The best thing to do in September in order to take care of our damaged hair, is to make a rescue plan! According to Mr. Malss, taking care of the hair during the summer and right after it, includes three phases:

Phase A - Prevention: It refers to creating a "protective umbrella"  for our hair from daily sun and sea exposure, using products in the form of spray or oil, that don’t grease the hair. The use of these products will reduce the damage that the UV rays and salt cause to our hair.

Phase B - Rescue: This is the stage of hair repair aiming at intense hydration. For this purpose, we should use special products and treatments that restore the health, vigor, smoothness and shine of our hair. As stated by Mr. Malss, it is important that the phase B is performed with the help and guidance of the hairdresser, who is able to diagnose the needs of the hair and recommend the suitable products. Successful products can often be rejected as ineffective, only because they are not suitable for the need for which they were used.

Phase C - Haircut: If the hair is deeply damaged, they should be cut as much as needed.



who is who

Konstantinos Malss was born in 1959 and he has been an active hairdresser for 30 years. He knows the needs of the hair very well and has a constant presence in hairdressing centers in Greece and abroad. Meanwhile, he teaches at hairdressing training programmes, where knowledge and skills are provided to new hairdressers regarding the contemporary needs of the hair.

He works at the company Virginia Constantine and he is a trainer at Hair Education Virginia Constantine.

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