Survival Guide for Angry People

by Paraskevi Bati

What happens when you feel wronged, your rage is overflowing and you feel about to explode? Follow these relaxation techniques and find the secret to your anger.


1)    Count to 10: This might sound strange, but it works! When you see red, take a deep breath through the nose, count to 10 and exhale.

2)    Recognise your anger: See the signs, recognize the fact that you are getting angry and watch yourself in general. Your body will always tell you when you are angry. When these signs appear, don’t ignore them: take a deep breath and relax.

3)    Distance yourself from the source of your tension: Sometimes a short walk to remove yourself from a stressful environment can defuse the situation without unpleasantness. Take as much time as you need and return when you feel better so that you can settle the matter calmly.

4)    Laughter is good: It is a very clever way to defuse tension and express whatever is bothering us. Resort to humour but avoid irony, cynicism and arrogance.

5)    Prevention: For the most part, we all know what can make us angry. A possible solution is to prevent unpleasant events. In other words, remove from your environment anything that can cause negative emotions. If that is not possible, think about removing yourself from it. If that too is impossible, you might consider working with a specialist, such as a psychologist.

6)    Apologise: Why not? As soon as you calm down, it’s important that you understand the thoughts, needs and motives that made you angry. Be honest about the source of your anger, so that next time you can deal with similar situations in a better way. Don’t forget the magic five-letter word that can calm you down instantly: “SORRY”! It’s not a sign of weakness but a sign of understanding and noble-mindedness.